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Photos below are of my 1997 Aurora sedan.

Click on the photos for the larger versions.

Photo #9701 I picked up this beauty in February of 2000.  Once I had decided (a number of years earlier) that I wanted an Aurora as my next daily ride, this is pretty much the exact car I had in mind.  The only options not on this car I would have liked to have had were the chrome wheels and the gold emblems.  The non-chrome wheels have grown on me (especially when clean), and I could always add the emblems if I had the money to burn...
Photo #8802 Aurora's are very loaded to start with, so there aren't many additional options available.  This car has most of the additional goodies.  This includes: power sunroof, Delco/Bose enhanced sound system, heated seats, diamond white paint, and the invisible Autobahn package (more about that below).  With these options, the car sold for $39K+ when new.  That's why I bought one used<G>.
Photo #8803 Missing are chrome wheels, the "gold" package(emblems), a block heater, and the 12 disc CD changer.  Does anyone really still use block heaters?  I had a CD changer back in the mid 80's, and I really didn't care for having to pop the trunk to change discs.  My car is the correct color (inside and out) for being a Pacecar, but it wasn't offered as an option and I don't think I'd want to drive one of these around every day with that decal package in place...
Photo #8804 I mentioned the Autobahn package.  This consists of 3 pieces.  V-Rated Michelin tires in place of the standard Goodyears, 3.71 final drive ratio (in place of I believe 3.42s), and the truely invisible part, a different chip for the computer.  The non-Autobahn cars have a fuel cut-off programmed for 108 mph (due to the non-speed rated base tires).  The Autobahn system lets you run the car iup to around 136 before it cuts off the fuel.  I've only had a "little" fun with it thus far, but it's still accelerating ok at 130!  My H/O won't do that (due to the gearing).
Photo #8805 Here's where all of the luxury is.  Beautiful light gray leather interior.  Great cockpit layout.  The Bose sound is great.  I was defintely looking for a car that had that option.  I didn't really think too much about the heated seats option, but now that I have a car with it, there's no going back (as long as there's a leather interior involved).
Photo #8806 Of course, the soul of the car is this little number.  A 32 valve, 4.0 liter, double overhead cam, 250 hp, aluminum V8.  With my '90 the last 10 years and it's 180hp DOHC 4 (and 5-speed), I missed being able to just put my foot down when necessary and have the car get up and go.  No longer a problem <G>.  This is still no 455, but it is a lot smoother

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